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Questioning Creationism

Sometimes it takes more mental fortitude to just take a look into the obvious than riddle the brain with genuine mysteries. The reason, I suspect, lies in mental blocks. One such case where many people find blocks is when they are defending evolution. Wanting to be open-minded, they try to look from the creationists’ viewpoint and defend from there. They forget that the alternative theories (creationism or ID) must be questioned as well.

Here I have complied a list of questions for creationists. The purpose is to have them do some soul-searching on their own beliefs and hopefully, see the insufficiency of creationism first hand. I’ll be updating the list from time to time.

Q 1 What is God? How have you reconciled:

  • God’s omniscience and free will
  • God’s omnipotence and limits from paradoxical language? e.g. Can God make a square circle or make a stone so heavy that even he can not lift?
  • God’s omnipresence and undetectablility? In other words: What is the evidence for existence of God?
  • God’s benevolence and tragedies of life? Death, crime against the innocent, natural disaster?
  • God being just and loving at the same time?

Q 2 What is the beginning of God? Especially since you need a beginning of everything in the theory of evolution and Big Bang and what not.

Q 3 How did God create something from nothing? Theists often claim (incorrectly) that Big Bang theory propounds that something was created from nothing. Actually this is a feature in creationist hypothesis, not in Big Bang.

Q 4 Why do creationists use one set of standards for theory of God and another for evolutionEvidence for one and faith for another. Why this leniency for the almighty?

Q 5 How do you explain:

  • Fossils especially of extinct species like dinosaurs. Was allah experimenting with how to make life?
  • Breeding of different breeds of horses and dogs.  Explain that happening while you deny evolution.
  • Genetically modified crops. You are probably eating them on daily basis knowingly or unknowingly.
  • Genetic disorders. How come many diseases run through the families?
  • Why did god create so many sea animals that reside in deep seas?
  • Why did god create animals like duck-billed platypus?
  • Why did God create appendix and other vestigial organs in man?

Q 6  How do you explain:

  • The scale of the universe? Why did god make billions of galaxies each with billions of stars and just to send prophets / have avatArs / sons for just one species of one tiny planet of an otherwise ordinary star?
  • Special place given to man in all theories of creation. Do you don’t see any narcissism in that?

Q 7 Being omniscient Does God know who created him?


8 responses to “Questioning Creationism

    • etio July 7, 2011 at 13:22

      None of your links attempts to answer any of the questions above. The most they attempt is to claim that evolution is a myth.

  1. mike00000000001 July 10, 2011 at 07:14

    etio, the difficulty is that not everyone is willing to actually question what they believe. A lot of creationists refuse to actually doubt creationism.

  2. holylightnoor July 12, 2011 at 22:58


    the questions you have asked, especially in Q.1, can only be understood if you really want to know.

    i have read one interview of yusuf estate about his accepting islam. there was one line that i still remember was like this, “finally i knew deep inside my heart that i have to leave my ‘ego’ and accept that what is truth………………..”. ‘ego’ works a lot in human brain, when it is asked to surrender himself in front of supreme power.

    regarding Genetic modified foods, no matter how much you breed, or modify you can never make a mango to an apple. a mango tree will give you mango only, may be of different variety but never an apple or water melon.

    why God made miniatures? because they all are necessary, even the mosquitos are necessary.

    and science has not find answer of everything. we not yet know about the human brain completely, we dont know, some medicine that we take today can be a disaster of tomorrow.

    i dont want to give you any link or prove anything… you would yourself find someday the answers of your questions. start searching the answers yourself do not ask from others, as i also know many, who believe in God, dont know the answers.

    PS: please remove one misconception that people who believe, would deny their faith after questioning. and that…they do not question.

    • etio July 13, 2011 at 12:12

      Upon ignoring objections to it, anything can be believed in (Even Santa and tooth fairies).
      There is nothing special in Islam or the concept of allah/god.

      The advantage with evolution (and with science in general) is that even if you raise objections and the answers are not known today, they can eventually be found… history teaches us this happens. For example, at one time, creationists argued that no organic compound can be made from inorganic matter … then one and a half century ago someone did it. The argument was changed to that life itself can not be made artificially made … then someone made IVF babies and clones of animals. The argument was further changed to that no new species can be made artificially … in 2010, even this has been done. The best argument now is that Craig Ventor did not ‘synthesize’ it from the basics but used DNA from existing life forms. Tell me honestly … isn’t that a cop out? Just a way to resist evidence staring in the face?

      And Miss Noor, I stand in no misconception about theists’ ability to think and to question. Yes they can think, and it is thoughts that I am trying to invoke.
      In fact I am counting on their ability to think and question. That is why I wrote this blog post!

      • holylightnoor July 13, 2011 at 22:12

        well well well mister etio, did i annoy you?

        see i dont support people who use science to prove their religion. i have seen people with bundles of books to prove such and such claims about science was already present in Holy Quran. i question them too that where they were at first hand to find those claims when science was silent. i believe and will accept if any thing in Quranic verses goes against the present findings by scientific research. but you know what, i would stay with Quran. though there are some well established and clear scientific facts in Quran.

        because i have seen the scientific theories changing over time. years back some one formulate a theory and in succeeding years someone will come and find some fault in it and make some alteration. you remember charles law or boyels law? these laws dont work exactly in practical life.

        suppose i calculate an amount of hot air required to dry one tonne of liquid, the answer would give me an idea, as i know that in ‘practical situations’ there would be definitely some losses.
        i am more interested in the things that work out practically.

        Islam makes life meaningful, it gives you reason to live, to behave humane, it shows you that there is something mysterious. and make you to come out in search.

        today in morning, there was a show in net geo about the universe of steaven hawking. he himself was sitting in his chair and whole 1 hr program was on his ‘imaginations’ that ther e may be like this, mars may be like that…may be …may be..may be!

        i dont find myself following a man who has merely ‘imagined’ something. rather i would love to follow a man who was a leader, was commander, was honest, was a statesman, was a brave man, a psychologist at the same time and many other qualities. the man was Mohammad (SAW). would someday write a blog about him inshallah! i am little sick nowadays.

        • etio July 14, 2011 at 01:33

          lol .. do I look annoyed?
          Largely due our prior contact, I am aware of your position on the matter much more then you are aware of it yourself and I have faith in your ability to think and to question. But i will not press the matter against you at this time.
          Get well soon. That comes before gods.

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